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What is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a decorative finish applied to the brickwork joints. The final effect is that of thin mortar joints in a colour contrasting with the brickwork.

Old brickwork becomes discoloured over time. The original mortar can deteriorate and the original tuckpointing may be damaged or simply falling away. At traditional tuck pointing we use materials and our many years of expertise to bring back the tuckpointing / repointing to it's original condition.

Tuckpointing is a specialised craft which is performed when all brickwork is complete. The structural mortar joints are raked out to an even depth. A coloured mortar matching the brickwork colour is then placed on as a backing coat. After that, our specialized puddy is applied to give the wall its finished look. Each step requires skill and precision. The final effect is eye-catching and spectacular when well-done.